Double Bay psychologists


At C&M Psych Solutions, we are registered psychologists with experience across a range of psychological services. Whilst Cushla specialises in the areas of mood disorders, family and interpersonal issues, Marc’s expertise covers addiction and dependence, trauma, relationships and individuals and couples therapy.

Our combined areas of expertise include:

  • Addiction and dependence and their effects upon both the individuals and supporting their families.
  • Drug and alcohol misuse disorders
  • Process addictions, including sex and love addiction
  • Trauma related conditions
  • Relationship issues, whether with couples, individual or groups
  • Co-morbidity – the struggle with more than one condition
  • Personality disorders (particularly cluster B)
  • Body image disorders
  • Affect regulations disorders (struggle to manage emotions)
  • Existential issues and how these concerns effect our capacity to feel joy and connection
  • Codependency (see Pia Melody) and the Model of Developmental Immaturity

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